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How to reset the ECU - MR2 Turbo Rev2

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Hello everyone, im new to this forum, ive had my mr2 Turbo (white) for approx 2 month now and i think its great. Im after resetting the ECU and have been advised to warm the car up, turn it off, then take the efi and ef fuses out, tap the break pedal, wait for 5 mins then put the fuses back in and drive around for a bit to let the ecu do its calcultions etc etc.

However!!! i carnt find the ef fuse anywhere. i found the efi fuse in the engine bay but no ef fuse, this also not being in the fuse box under the bonnet.

Can anyone help.

Cheers :)
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Unplug your negative battery terminal for about 5min and see if that does the trick.
Engine bay fuse box.
Just pull the EFI and the ECU fuse.

You do NOT have to do all of that other stuff you mentioned.
The required wait time once the fuse is pulled is in seconds. To be on the really safe side, give it at least 30 seconds.

You want a warm motor when you reset the ECU so that the idle is "learned". (Yes, you do need to do numerous starts and stops to get it to learn correctly.)

Performing the reset will also clear the learned fuel maps, although, they are quite rudimentary maps.
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