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Here is a recent ( 10 minutes ago) reply of mine that has links to free factory service manual downloads:

if while drivin you hit a "dead spot" in the rpm range (throttle position) then the TPS is faulty,usually it's from constantly driving in the same rpm spot or throttle position for extended periods which causes the contacts in that spot to burn out as tated in the owners manual for the 1985-87 4-Runners/pickups,also a fault code will be stored in the ECU (EFO computer).Here is another source if it needs replacement then how to adjust the new one:

always clean the throttle body first then clear the ECU fault codes and recheck codes again.If TPS needs replacing make sure you check your engine base timing (5 degrees BTDC with check engine/timing connector shorted) as it could retard your timing by as far as 10 degrees and cause your engine to overheat.

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