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how to tell...4AGZE JDM, or USDM, help! thanks!

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hi guys!

i saw a 4agze complete selling for $1400 CND, so mgiht wanna get it for my 86,

im jsut wondering if you MR2 guys would know the diffrence or how to tell if its jdm or usdm, cuz i dun wanna get scamed!

i know the diffrence is the pattern on the supercharge pulley,
and eitehr the JDM one or the USDM one has a cross pattern,

anyone have any ideas? :)

thankssss alot!
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US will have emissions - EGR & piping

J-spec will not.

The ECU sticker for the US will have a blue print and the j-spec will have an orange print.
OH! thanks you very much!
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