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How to Tune URD Maf Sensor

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Hi i am planning on purchasing a URD Maf Sensor for my Truck 2006 DC 4x4 but i want to get it tuned with the mods i have which is an aftermarket Intake and Banks Catback exhaust. Does anyone know how to tune this like with right air/fuel flow mixtures. I read that i need to get a 02 bandwith sensor but those cost like 200 bucks how did you guys tune your URD Maf with the needs you want.???

Can anyone help
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Well to clarify u mean the URD maf CALIBRATOR, it's not the actual sensor u calibrate. It's a box where u can program in additional changes to the ecu fuel map

that link is a great way to learn all about it and actually find out how Gadget's ( the guy who made the maf calibrator) product works. it will tell u all about the way the programing equipment works, as well as the split second program that u use for the calibrator.

Although i'm pretty sure if u want to do it yourself then u'll need the stuff they talked about like a scan tool and a wideband.....idk about your area but it might be possible to find someone who will do it for u, but i'm sure it'll cost a bit of bank.

hope that points you in the right direction!! :thumbsup:
I do not recommend it if you have never used any kind of tuning tools...
You can also run with the stock maps, which is what I have been doing for over a year now.
How does the Stock Map Run?? do you still get and added performance out of it?? shouldn't this be tuned to the needs of your specific engine?? like if was to run stock map what diffrence would my truck and your truck have? arent we performing the same then since we have the same maps???
yah, as the # of mods you have to ur truck goes up, the importance in tuning goes up.....but even for a stock car it's still recommended to tune, cuz every truck runs differently so to get the best out of the calibrator you would want to tune to what u have.

the stock map will maybe give u some increase but it's made to just work with every truck more or less. so it can go either way....just make sure u save a copy of the base map incase u mess up the one ur editing, that way u have something to fall back on.
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