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Hi, everybody!

I bought a Camry 96, LE, automatic 4 cyl, and I'm very happy with it. This vehicle was a rebuilt, and the odometer read 130,000 miles, while the title said 170,000 miles. I didn't care much about it, because it was running very well, and the price was right. I bought it in Texas, but later I moved to another state, and I'm now aware that I need to deal with some painful bureaucracy because of the odometer discrepancy.

My odometer is now showing 144,000 miles. Is there a way to turn the odometer forward to read 184,000 miles, so it is consistent with the title and my current mileage? I've heard of people plugging the odometer cable to a drill, but I don't know if that's possible with my vehicle. I have been looking around, and I don't see any mechanical cables (I haven't look under the car, though). I was looking in the vehicle manuals, and I haven't found any references to the odometer cable, just to the speed sensor, which seems to be electronic.

Does Camry G3 use a mechanical cable for the odometer? Where can I find it? Some old postings were showing pictures, but the pictures are now gone. I would like to save myself some money, but, should I send my odometer to a repair place?

Thank you all for your help!


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There is also one with 187,***.

There IS a difference between I4 and V6 ones, and 92-93/94-96 ones. FIRST, find out what it is. I have no idea. As lond as the speedo IS the same, you can take the speedo off of the higher mileage one, and pop it onto your CURRENT cluster. Just need to take stuff apart.

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and there is no mechanical cable, it's all electric, in fact it uses a ac pulse type system thing (so direct current wount drive it) the swap it the best suggestion,
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