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First off, when you guys see a tutorial especially with pics, thank that person because today I got to understand how much longer it makes the process. That said, I want to help people so here goes.

You will need:
*You need a 2014, 2015, 2016? Corolla with 100149 on the faceplate. We don't yet know if the base radio only corolla can be upgraded.
*GPS antenna adapter part number 86808-02080 $35+$15 shipping trd sparks
*GPS antenna - DOES NOT have to be the OEM $250 part!!! It's available on Amazon for $19.99 and the link is further below. Its final resting spot will be behind the black bezel where your passenger airbag on/off light is. 100% functionality and its out of sight!! :rockon:
*86842-0E010 Spider cable with 6 connectors. Connects your nav unit with the Nav unit brain mounted under the radio. Best price via you dealer ( I know, I know..). Online around $65+shipping I pit 2 dealers against each other and got it for $70. You MUST have this part.
*10mm socket with extension
* HIGHLY recommend $7 interior panel trim tools from Harbor Freight
*XM not required. Obviously only get it if you want XM. You will still have the XM option on your head unit but it'll say antenna problem if you try to use it. (duh)
*VIN # from US car with nav if your unit comes from Canada. Just go to your dealer and snap a pic of it. Look for the black XM antenna on the roof of the car.

Step 1
You need a nav head unit.
As long as it says 100150 on the faceplate it should work. The actual model number from mine is 86100-02100. Other variations include model number 86100-02101. I picked mine up from a Canadian salvage yard called LKQ and it was $205 until another bidder upped it to $255. Damn you, daranrt .. I kid! :chug:
*Note: If you do import from Canada, expect a long delay from Customs and a $34.25 tax from that country. UPS will bill you. I found out the hard way.

Step 2.
Despite what another thread may say, you can save $250 and not buy the factory GPS antenna. I got this one from Amazon and she works like a charm.
Its green connector plugs in to the gray connector that is the antenna adapter.

Step 3. Yeah you have to buy the factory GPS antenna adapter. Its $35+$15 shipping from TRD Sparks. Sadly you also have to buy the 86842-0E010 "spider" cable that connects the upper and lower units. The only reason you have to buy this is the MORONS that remove these units usually cut the cords instead of just unplugging them. Jerks.

Step 4.
I highly recommend interior parts trim tools. I got mine from Harbor Freight for $7. That black long plastic trim piece that goes around your clock is surprisingly hard to remove, at least if you dont want to leave any scratches.

You dont need the XM antenna unless you plan on using XM. Good luck with that though because you'll have to get it from the dealer and it'll be expensive.

Now for some pics!

My new baby arrives after a long time in Customs.

I recommend cleaning it first. If it was in a car that was in an accident, it could have airbag dust on it. I have been in a wreck and that smell is familiar and I hate it. Here she is all cleaned up.

Make sure it includes the micro sd card map.

This is the gps antenna adapter from Toyota that you must have.

Here is its connector.

Spider cable. Connects upper and lower sections of nav unit. You must have this.

** I recommend testing your head unit at a local audio shop before proceeding. If something doesnt work, obviously send it back!

Take the long black trim piece off. I suggest starting by your passenger door so you can get the trim tool in there without leaving any scratches. Then slowly pop it off and make your way towards the instrument panel.

Once that's off, just pull and tug around the radio bezel and it will come off. No need for tools here. Just grab it but be gentle and be very careful not to poke the soft material around it. When the bezel comes off, it will still be attached by 2 cables. One for the hazard lights and one for the passenger airbag on/off lights.Disconnect these and set to the side.

Then you will arrive at this point.

This is where all the microfiber cloths come in. You cant use too many! Make sure you put them on the bottom edge of the radio because when that puppy comes out, there are sharp edges and it will hurt the soft padding.

The old radio comes out:

Lots of space back there

In case this helps anybody, the non nav radios connectors.

Here is a family picture of the Plug family that live in your dash. The gray connector is shy.

Lots of room back there:

Looking under where the radio lives:

Get your new nav unit and connect all the plugs. This is very easy. You cant have too much protection.

Fire it up and check out your new features. **Dont get discouraged- GPS signal initially takes a couples minutes to locate. ***You will likely need to do an update soon

It was great to see this message. This is where you need to go ahead and sign up on your entune app with an appropriate VIN#. Once it updates, you will get more apps if they arent already there.

**Holy S#@%. This really scared me. I had it all put back together and my airbag malfunction light came in. I did drive around for a bit and that didnt help. In most cases, your nav unit will come from a wrecked car. I thought I'd have to go to a dealer to get this reset as during this install I did not touch any yellow airbag connectors. After I turned the car off for a few minutes and turned it back on, the light was gone. So, dont panic.

After I updated the system (which you can do wirelessly from your phone) all the apps are present and accounted for! YAY!

More apps!

And just for fun, ( I ripped this idea off from another member indianajonesilm; I cant take credit but this is my own pic)

This was just a fast type up of my install. Please leave questions/comments below. I will do my best to update this and help everyone I can.

Nav unit: $200-255 + or -
Toyota antenna adapter: $50 total
GPS antenna: $19.99
86842-0E010 spider cable: $70
Harbor Freight trim set: $7

2015 Corolla S Plus
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Did the new radio ask for a VIN# or code?....Great job! Thank you!
Nope the radio itself never asked for anything. It did have a popup message once that said it has a mandatory update waiting which it does wirelessly through your phone. While it did that I signed up for Entune app and put it a VIN from a USA car with nav. It then signed in and showed all my apps such as bing, facebook, yelp, stocks, etc. Then it says this:

Does those app works?
Yep. All the apps work. I havent signed up with some like Pandora but once I do I just log in and it'll work.

Overall, I have to say that this is officially the biggest bang for the buck upgrade. For $180 you can get a strut bar, sure, but for tech and usefulness and information, this is fantastic! No wonder it was a $2000 option at the dealer.

I've got weather maps, voice navigation searches, apps, live traffic etc. I love it and I'm glad I upgraded. That airbag light scared the ever loving shit out of me but once I restarted the car (and let the airbag system run a self test) it went off.

2015 Corolla S Plus
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Where did you the Navigation Unit from? I know it is from Canada but is there a website that I can order it?
Ok, getting the nav unit itself is the trickiest part. Lots of guys on ebay have them for $450-700 but the seller I got it from is called LKQ Automotive. They are a national salvage operation. Here is the strange part... The model nav you need is much cheaper when it comes from Canada. I called and they said this is because there is lower demand for the unit there, and higher demand for ones from the USA.

What I did was to set up email alerts for searches for the nav unit's part number (there are various part numbers for basically the same unit). As I said, mine has a part number of 86100-02100. You should also set up alerts for searches like "100150 toyota" and "corolla navigation" so you get notified when one comes up for sale.

Alternatively, you can pay a little more. I think LKQ currently has one for $453. Like I said, I paid $255 and it was listed for $205. I saw one in August go for $197- yes a nav unit.

One more option is to call them. Call LKQ and ask if they have one that isnt listed yet. Just keep searching, you'll find one.

** Be aware, the sellers of these things are idiots. They will list a 100150 unit and then in the description say it is for cars "w/o navigation" which is obviously wrong. This will scare off the uninformed bidders and will let you get it cheaper. Its pays to know your stuff.

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First off, neat mod. My concern is that because you are using someone else's VIN number, the Entune account for both parties could be deactivated. I'm not sure how legal this is; there has to be something in the Terms of Service.
As for the vin, I actually just got this vin from an ebay auction where someone was selling a part from the right type of car so I think its highly unlikely to ever be an issue. As for getting one from a dealership parking lot, the odds are quite low an issue would arise and even if it did you can go into your entune account and delete a car and just add another. Remember people buy and sell cars all the time so a conflict wouldn't be a major issue. Add to that, not all owners bother with signing up for the Entune app anyway and even then, remember this is only needed if you get a Canadian unit. So all in all, I think its fine.

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Nice Job and I have added this to the DIY Thread... I really need to clean up that thread...
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2015 Toyota Corolla S w/ Tech Package (Canada)
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Nope, not nuts.
Did you have the Traffic/Weather apps before or after you activated the Entune app on your phone?

I wonder if you had contacted Toyota advising you're in the US with a US car, and purchased a Navigation unit and received that pop-up (omit you got it from Canada), if they would somehow activate your own VIN or give you some sort of code to enter rather than a random US VIN.

2015 Corolla S Plus
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So I wonder what the method would be to activate my apps. Did you have the Traffic/Weather apps before or after you activated the Entune app on your phone?

I believe its
Pair phone with navigation unit's Bluetooth
Download Entune app and register.
It should pop up with a message about more apps like in the pic above.

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I know you've been wanting this for a while now, and I'm really glad it worked out for you! Congrats, and excellent diy:grin::grin:
Yes I did and thanks for putting up with all my questions. See, there were just so many questions involved with a swap like this and almost nobody had ever done it so I just had to give it a try and figure it out on my own. Now that I did, I wanted to share with others and have 1 comprehensive thread so nobody else has to go around begging for information like I did! :lol:
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