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Howdy, RA21 Track Car Owner

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I keep getting links to this forum when I do Google searches for information and parts, so I'm joining up.

I'm a Ford man at heart, and I love V8s, but I'm not the average ignorant V8 Domestic driver. I can appreciate all kinds of cars, and I'm all about taking corners and drifting. My two cars are a 73 Celica and an 86 Crown Victoria. If you'd like to read more about either just visit my CarDomain profile here

I've had my Celica for almost 3 years now, and the only thing I can't get it to do is not tear up gears. Aside from it's insatiable appatite for 6.7" gears, it's been my HPDE, Drifting, Auto-X, and general legal mayhem vehicle for the past 3 years.

The general modifications list:
20/22R, 94mm 12.5:1 cr CP pistons, 295/295 LC Cam with stage 3 LC head. All poly/heim suspension, with Koni race shocks up front, and QA1 race shocks rear. Custom GC coil over setup in front with camber/caster plates, Afco rear springs, TRD 2-Way LSD and more.

I've had my 86 Crown Vic for almost 10 years now (my first car). It used to be my daily / HPDE / drifting / auto-x / and general mayhem vehicle. Now it is my daily / tow / daily mayhem vehicle, and I do from time to time take it out at events.

This vehicle is very special to me as it is not only my first car (and not because it's all I could get, I actually wanted this car and still love it), but also because it was my Fathers before mine. When it was his he did a 95 Mustang GT engine swap and upgraded to all police suspension. Once it became mine, I upgraded all the suspension to next level. Race springs 925lb front and 225lb rear, poly bushings everywhere, bigger brakes, rear discs, TruTrac LSD, 3.55 gears, 5 speed manual conversion, roller rockers, aluminum radiator, 2.5" dual exhaust, headers and more.

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:welcome: to the nation! Let me or one of the other staff members know if you have any questions about the forums. :chug:
Welcome! :hi:

Those are some very nice cars you've got there. Looks like you have a lot of fun with them. I'm sure you'll fit in well here :cool:

:welcome: to TN!

That Celica is a beautiful car! Looking forward to seeing more of it! :thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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