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I haven't seen a thread posted up in hurr about HTC yet so I guess I will be the first to do so. We are calling every and any toyota in Houston. For anyone who hasn't heard. We are growing and pretty fast if I might add to that. We try to have a meet at least once a week. If not that we all meet up just to kick it. These are a bunch of swell peeps and they welcome any toyota to the club. There is also going to be a club within the club with three seperate divisions....Show/Go/Audio. Everyone is welcome to join and bring their friends along as well. Here are the links we have available so you people can get a feel for how much we are growing. Hope to see or hear from some of you people I wil also add a roster of our cars and names on the Houston Imports site so you can get a hold of any of us. Please feel free to pm me or email me at [email protected]

search here for our next meets
Houston imports threads

Our site (if it doesn't work, try highlighting the whole page) We are about to get our personal site next week :eek:)

Houston Toyota Club Beta Site

Our Roster
Shaun Hildreth- saynug 94 celica st 5sp red
David Gallegos- badazzgt 00 celica gt 5sp white
Matt Styler- negative01 99 celica gt 5sp silver
David Garrison- t-spoon 90 celica all trac 5sp red
Lilly Garrison- 94 celica gt 5sp blue
Brock McClure- 90 supra auto white
Azizi Crosby- bzzsan 03 corolla auto white
Dinesh “D� Dama- 02 celica gts 6sp white
Anna Hofmanova- celicagts01 01 celica gts auto black
Matt Org- 90 supra turbo black
Huy Nguyen- ooohuy 95 st 5sp silver
Alex Arenas- celica_182 02 celica gt auto black
Javier Reyes- psyko2 03 celica gts 6sp white
Blake Stubbs- atticus8631 93 celica red
Justin Moon- uracowman 00 tundra auto white
Juvencio “Juvi� Ramos- juvi77 00 camry 5sp white
Will Green- greenwindwill 97 celica gt 5sp white
Mathew Terranova- politicsareevil 94 celica st 5sp teal
Donald “Don� Perry- 02 celica gt 5sp silver
Ryan Elliff- 99 camry 5sp beige
Steven Deatherage- donmcgillcr 01? tacoma auto black
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