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hurricane hit the car!

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argh, i live in florida and frances hit us. not that bad as far as property damage goes cuz winds were only 45 or so, but it caused a tree limb to go thru my gen3 wagon's hood and thru the firewall, thru the dash, into the front driver seat. of course it was the only car damaged on our street. but looks like that teg is comin home sooner than i thought.
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ouch, we got to see pics of that.
i'd have pics if two things didn't happen: walmart had a replacement for my digital's camera, it wasn't so evil outside with the weather rite now.
hmm why is this in general? its about my cam :p
Damn that shit sux.
sorry to hear that man, just got pics of the inlaws house and trees took out alot
man that sucks.......PICS>>PICS>>>PICS
i'm sorry to hear that dude...

my condolence
my power had went out for 2 days in jacksonville.
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