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Husky liner for access cab

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So... i was looking at getting the husky liner for my access cab and i was just wondering if there has been any size changes or any changes from the 07 access cab to the 08 access cab as far as the back seat goes? this is it
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There wasn't a change in the Tacoma until 2009.
No Problems

Just took delivery of one of these for my 08.

Fits perfectly:thumbsup:
Just got one of these for the 06 I just bought, fits great like mentioned. FYI, I got mine from a vendor off amazon. Can't remember which one off the top of my head, but it was around $59 plus $12 shipping I think. Just put in the model number of the liner and it will pop up.

(New member here BTW!):thumbsup:

edit: here's the link, I found the model number written down in a pile of papers on my desk: husky liner
Liners are a great product! The set in daughters '94 Xtracab going on 15 years old, no sign of wear! Durability & features led to most recent purchase of F/R set for '08 Corolla. Unfortunately none available for '04 Altima 3.5SE.
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