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I have a question for all the Hybrid owners out there. Have you ever cleaned your engine compartment?

For many years, I have done this with every single car I have owned. I usually covered the alternator with a plastic bag - that's the only precaution I ever took. I use Simple Green full strength in a spray bottle and spray it liberally on a totally COLD engine. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and wash it off with a garden hose set on gentle 'shower' setting. When done start the car and drive it until it reaches normal operating temp and the steam goes away.

Never had a problem, like car not starting, or any electrical problems at all ever. Engine comes out looking show room new.

Only cars I would not do this to are those (old) cars that had the GM Opti-spark ignition (wetting it killed it).

But I kind of concerned doing this on a Hybrid since I do no understand all the electronics in there.

Any experience cleaning a Hybrid?
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