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Hybrid sales plummet 40% in August; Prius records 37.5% decline

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One month of dreary sales figures doesn't signal the end of the hybrid, but the numbers reported for August hint that without a rise in gas prices, hybrid vehicle sales will likely continue to suffer. Overall hybrid sales dropped 40.4 percent in August compared to a year ago. Not even the mighty Toyota Prius could avoid the plunge. Prius sales fell 37.5 percent compared to August 2009 and dropped off 16.3 percent compared to the July 2010 numbers. Combined, Toyota and Lexus hybrids saw a 36.2 percent decline from a year ago. Ford fared better by posting a 17.1 percent drop in year-over-year numbers.

Hybrid sales were clearly boosted last August by the government's Cash for Clunkers program, but this summer's low gas prices take much of the blame for the current hybrid sales plunge. Toyota remains in the number one spot, posting 15,444 sales last month. Ford sits in second place after moving 3,894 hybrid vehicles off dealer lots, while Honda holds onto third with 3,485 sales. It's getting redundant, but Toyota still leads the hybrid market. Anyone want to place bets on when (or if) that'll change?

More data:
Like it says, one month isn't enough to predict the future, but Hybrids are important to the Big T sales. If you take away Prius sales, the rest of the other Hybrids are selling in pretty small numbers. Prius will probably always be the best selling hybrid, but many buyers are just going for the regular gas models, which now are getting much better MPG than before.

For the other guys, The Ford Fusion Hybrid is actually selling well, even better than both the Camry Hybrid and Honda Insight. That car has nowhere to go but up, because I started to see more of them bought by government fleets (much like the Prius). Even though ugly, the CR-Z may sell enough to be a niche vehicle for Honda.

So does Toyota have anything to worry about?
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Nah, people all bought hybrids when gas was expensive a couple years back. In a poor economy people arent going to be buying new cars every 2-3 years, so Im not worried about it.
Once the world economy rebounds and gas goes back up to $4 a gallon, hybrid sales will rebound.
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