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Hybrid thinking for a Non Toyota Car

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My sister has a 95 Avenger with the V6 Auto. Its a Mitsu engine POS. It needs a new engine and I don't want to put in another Mitsu engine. I want to make a Hybrid Avenger with maybe a 1MZ-Fe in it. The good looks of the Avenger with the reliability of a Toyota. Thoughts and ideas?
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Never heard of anyone doing that, but if you did you would get a lot of respect from me:thumbup:

But on the other hand for all the money that you're going to put into a swap like that why not just buy her a Toyota car with a 1mz-fe?
Its her first car and she made it look really nice. Its just an idea though. Prolly will never happen.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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