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Questions about hybridizing my 99 taco

I have a 1999 v6 PreRunner.

Please don't flame me, or tell me I'm stupid for attempting this.

My plan is to source a front differential and cv axles from a wreck, or someone that converted to a front solid axle.
Install the front diff and cv axles, then rig up an axle of some sort from the front diff, straight to an electric motor, hooked up to a bank of batteries in the bed.
I'll be leaving the rest of the truck stock, only using the electric motor for low speed driving, or acceleration assist.
When finished, It would be a plug in electric vehicle when I wanted to use it as such, with the ICE just powering the AC/steering/brakes, transmission sitting in neutral.
If I wanted to accelerate really fast, use both the ICE and Electric.
If I go offroading and get stuck, I can use both for 4 wheel drive.
If I go on a long trip, just use gas the whole way.
I know how to weld and fabricate, have all the welding tools I'll need, and am not concerned about weight.

My questions are:
1. When I install the front diff, will there be anything in the way? Will it fit? Keep in mind that I'm keeping the ICE transmission, drivetrain, etc.
2. When driving in gas mode, I'm assuming that the front diff spline will always be rotating, is that correct? It is my understanding that it is the transfer case in a 4x4 that engages the front diff to the power of the ICE transmission, so since I am not installing one, it will not affect on-road driving and turning. What I am hoping to avoid is the jerkiness associated with driving in four wheel drive while on the pavement.
3. Do I need manual or auto-locking hubs on the front wheels?

Why am I doing this?
A. It'll be fun.
B. Nobody has done it yet.
C. Decrease (slightly), my carbon footprint.
D. Have a hybrid truck that is smaller than a house (Silverado).

Once again, don't hate. If you don't have anything helpful to say, please don't say anything.

Here's a pic:
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Sounds interesting. I really don't know if it'll bind up when turning sharply, like parking or whatevar. There are worse things done out there to much better/rarer vehicles. I say do it. You could also rig it up like a Ridgeline where it's FWD and have the rear charge your batteries. Shorter route to plumb in some fabbed up driveshafts. If it ran from the front to back and something gave out on the'd be one helluva racket.

Looks good Rhino Lined out.

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No, I totally pussed out, all work and no play... Still have the taco, but it's just sitting... Next to my 04 taco, and my 13 wrangler.
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