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Mission Accomplished.

I made my goal. I built a 300 RWHP MR2 that is competitive on a road race circuit and also drag racing.

I took 2nd place at Englishtown in the Street Tire class this weekend!!
I took 2nd place last weekend inthe Pagoda Hill Climb road race!!


This weekend:
I qualified 6th out of 7 cars with a 12.018 @ 116.18.

Round 1: I raced a AWD Turbo Talon that qualified with an 11.1.
I got him on the launch with a 1.79 to his 2.04, held him to 1/2 track and for whatever reason he backed out of it and I ran it home with a 11.964 @ 117.28.

Round 2: I was facing the #1 qualifier which was a Supra that ran 9.40s!
I had a .175 reaction to his .511, and I had him off the line with another 1.768 in the 60' to his 1.786 ... I never saw him again! By 1/2 track I was at 7.697 @ 93 and he was at 7.793 @ 79 (he blew a timing belt) ... the annoucer was going on about how I was still trying to hold him off and I did! I hit a 11.894 @ 117.49 to his 13.935 .... (he completed got off of it after 1/2 track!)
The announcer said something about me taking having a second upset win.

So into the finals I go. Another Turbo Talon ... really great guy.
Keith Lafonte (sp?!). He qualified with a 11.1, so for the 3rd round I was "out classed", but I wanted to make a show of it.

We both tripped .3 lights and I nailed a 1.676 in the 60' to his 1.709 and then I promptly missed 2nd gear in the worst possible :( ... lol .... which was fine. He went onto a 11.1 to my 12.3. His car is fast ... really fast. He deserved to take the win. I would not have been able to catch him even without the missed shift.

What a weekend! $500 and a 2.5' trophy :)

I would like to thank:

ATSRACING.NET for their support. for everything Angel has helped me with!
Fisher's Metal Finishing for the aesome powder coating.
World Motorsports for everythign they have done to help my cause.
Bryan "NoShoes" Moore for his tuning and support at the track.
Peter Doane for supplying accommodations at the track.
... and my wonderful girlfriend for her support :)
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