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Hyde's takes 2nd in first SCCA Solo1 Hill Climb Event running 23.2 PSI of boost!

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In an effort to prove that Hyde is not a "drag queen", I entered him this past weekend in an SCCA Solo 1 Hill Climb Event. Results below:

Pagoda Hill climb: Day 1 Results
Previous Hill Record for SM2 was 64 seconds.
Fabio (yellow Mr2) set a new hill record for our class of 61 seconds.
Travis (red Mr2) had a best run (I think) of 66 seconds
White MK1 (don't the guy's name off hand ..nice fellow though )
My 4 runs, in order, were:
73 seconds (course was wet and I was, quite honestly, scareed )
67 seconds
66 seconds
65 seconds
The thing that has me excited is the I know exactly where I improved on each run.

Fabio's expereince and sticky tires are winning over Hyde's HP.
I am running 20 psi of boost, and Fabio is running 14 psi in a TD06.
Travis is also on a TD06 ... not sure what boost level.

Here are some pics my wonderful girlfriend Cindy took today:

Pagoda Hill climb: Day 2 Results
Wow ... what a day!
I really got into the groove with the hill today. It was the most amazing racing experience I have ever had. I really got into a zone.

Imagine: topping 110 mph on public backroads up a hill knowing there is no oncoming traffic and that the "course" is all yours.
I am addicted.
I reflect on what I expereinced this weekend and it was almost insane, if it wasn't so controlled.

... back to results:
Fabio set a new hill record for the SM2 class of a low 61 seconds today ... on his last run of the day he bettered himself with a 60.99!!!!!! Amazing run.

After analyzing my runs and figuring out where I was lacking courage, I located several spots on the hill that I was lifting when my foot should have been planted.

I also upped my boost. I managed back-to-back 61.9s and 61.7s.
**note #1 - I was on street tires, Fabio was on Khumo race tires.
He was running at TD06 @ 14 psi.
I was running my T3T4 at 22.5-23.5 psi!

It was an interesting battle of expereince & tires vs horsepower.
... and he deservingly won!

*note #2 - Fabio ended a squirrels day in the most awful way

Anyway, MR2s dominated the day.
Fabio and I finished one two in SM2.
A MK1 NA won his class and a MKI SC also won their class.
MR2s did well
Fabio and I got awesome trophy plaques (I'm in the black, Fabio is in the blue):
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That's awesome man, congratulations!

I *just* heard about hill climbs... it's like a time trial on closed hilly roads?
brink, you got it exactly.

The only thing you might want to add, is this takes place on public roads :) ... they are closed for the event, so you get to use both sides of the road. It is 100% legal.

There is a lot of good info on here: (but it is Pennsylvania based)
Dude, that looks like so much fun! Wow. *jealous*

That's really cool that you were able to notice and correct where you were inappropriately easing off and stuff. Are you very familiar with these roads, or was this your first time driving them? Seeing as how this is actually a public road, I mean.
I live on the other side of this hill and I work at the bottom of it, so ... I can go home that way whenever I wish :)

That being said, it does not relate. I have driven that road. I have driven it fast, but I have never used the whole road to break 115 mph in the oncoming lane while setting up for a turn ... THAT was new. And honestly, at speed, the road does not look recognizable.

I am glad I was familiar with it though.
I am doing 3 more of these events this year :)
congrats jeff......well done...once again representing the mr2 family proud.....:thumbup:
nice:thumbup: it looks like fun.
brink: does this give you any ideas? lol represent the cam:lol:
Thank guys.
It was by far the most exciting thing I have done in motorsports.

So far this year I have earned:
1st - Solo 2 Autocross
2nd - Solo 1 Hill Climb
two 4ths - NHRA Sport Compact Events
5th - Solo 2 Autocross
They are all tops 5 in al l5 events at least :)

.... we'll see how this weekend goes at Summer Slam at Englishtown :)
My complete schedule/results are here:
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thats awsome man Ive looked at ur mr2 plenty of times on the web when iwas planing on getting one. But i have got to come up there with my cam I think I could pull out some nice times!
Jeff that is awesome. I wish they had hill climbs around socal. I would love to enter an event. And I believe that Hyde can do anything. ;) Maybe you should take him to a Rally Race. :D
Congrats bro :thumbup: Sounds like an amazing event to drive in. I can't wait for my sw20 to get out of the body shop so I can begin to get used to its handling.
Thanks guys.

racerhex, bring out the Cam! ... you'll just the necessary safety equipment to enter.

MR2Racer28, one of the guys working the starting line asked me if I rallied the car lol ... It is amazing what Hyde can do.

Ratko, I highly suggest starting out doing SCCA Solo 2 Autocrosses first ... great (safe) place to start.

Another great shot I found:
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