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Well yesterday was the sport compact drags down by my old college town(2 hours away from where I live). So I went down there and competed. I was hoping to run mid 16's and could only muster up mid 17's. So with that slow of a time I didn't qualify for the street all motor class but I was able to run in the bracket class. I ended up winning the bracket class which means I got 200 bucks. Well on the way home I noticed the car started shaking very badly and then all of a sudden I heard something come off and I knew it was the driveshaft so I pulled to the shoulder. I couldn't see that well so I had to wait until this morning(stayed at a buddys house last night). I went out there today and all the u-joints were fine but there were no bolts holding the driveshaft to the rear end then I looked at the carrier bearing and it was shot and a piece of the shaft was messed up from the force of the shaft hitting the ground and knocking part of it up and messing it up. So now I need a new freaking driveshaft. It is a good thing I won that 200 bucks or I would really be SOL.
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