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this is what happened this morningmy 88 was running and i parked it at the junkyard to sell some scrap i get in it turn the key over and all i get is the dead battery click i push started it and drove it home i took the battery out in put it in a old doge truck and it started right up
i put in the big dodge battery witch is fully charged all i got was a half slow crank then more bussing i wated for my unc whos a 35 year toyota mech to wake up and he told me how to fix it he told me to sand the battery post and terminals and it started right up i told him that wasn't gonna work because i put two different hot battery's then an hour i said i better take his advice i did it and it worked i felt like a dumb ass for telling him he was dumb for saying that i went and told him it worked and he laughed at me and said next time i tell u how to fix something i bet u gonna listen lol
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