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i have an alarm but no remote.

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I bought a car from a used car lot. The camry has an alarm installed and when activated it cuts off ingation and what not. But i don't have the remote for it. I checked out my local shop, they said it would cost them 15$ to check out the alarm and about 40-50$ to get a replacement remote. Now, after all that beginning stated i wanted to know what do you guys think i should attempt. Is this average prices? Should i shop around some more.

1. get a replacement remote( maybe having problems later on ).$65-$100

2. Get a new alarm installed on there with trunk, remote starter as well. 350$

Well 350$ is what i see around chicago areas for an alarm with remote starter and trunk release, seems like a fair price.
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$15 is very good to get them to look at the alarm for you. The remote you might be able to get slightly cheaper elsewhere, but I'd keep you business all in one place since these guys don't seem like they're trying to help you.
15$ seems just weird to pay someone just to look at it you know.
Just peek under the driver's dash and look for a black box. You may have to cut some ties to find out the manufacturer, it's not worth $15. Depending on the complexity of the alarm, the remote may cost more than $50. If you want trunk release, you'll have to pay more for a solenoid.
He's going to a mechanic, not a car audio specialist. It sounds like he's charging half a unit of labor which is more than fair to drop down a dash and search for an alarm and put everything back together again.
its actually a car audio/alarm speicalist. Also i didn't see the little black box under there but i did see the blow horn thingy under the hood. which was connected to the battery. I duno but i'm going to ask around shops if i see them driving and ask. report back the pricing and what not
bowlofturtle said:
its actually a car audio/alarm speicalist.
JaJay721 said:
He's going to a mechanic, not a car audio specialist.
You were saying? If it were a mechanic, he'd probably charge more since he may not know what to look for.
take it easy luc hey.. since your in chicago and what not. care to give me a helping hand. Well i'm on the northside of chicago. near foster/montrose beach if you have an idea of where that is. Maybe you can PM me some alarm shops or something in the lines of that.
Yeah, I know where you are at. I used to live around there about 20 years ago: Damen & Foster. But now, I live by O'Hare. I'll hit up with you through PM. Just got back from the Cubs game (lost... :( ), but the rooftop view was great!!! ;)
kool thanks. haven't gotten PM yet. Damen and Foster is where my high school is and i'm like 2 mins from there. yea rooftops views are great
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