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Hi all, I have a question...

About 1991 I bought an old beat up TR7 and was told that a good project would be to put a Toyota 20R in it. I found one for sale... it was a 1980 I don't remember if it was a 2.2 or 2.4... (Long story short...))

I had the enging fully rebuilt including boiling and polish etc. at a professional engine shop here in Las Vegas. I had the Carbourator rebuilt, It has everything on it including ball bearing starter alternator etc, and Manual Transmission. with new clutch pressure plate etc.

I never went ahead with the project. I never put oil in the engine... it has been sitting created in my garage for 13 years.

It it worth anything?

My wife wants the garage cleaned out..
If it would be worth selling I am sure I have the paperwork from the shop to go with it. and could take some pictures.

I really don't know if people even use these anymore. I don't see them listed... only 22R's.

Should I sell it? Part it? Toss it?

I remember I paid some $700.00 back in 1991 to have the work done,and another $100 for the Carb.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


PS sorry if i am not posting this right or in the right section... this is my first post.

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Well, technically this should be in the for sale section.
Still, people still use this engine, so you should be able to sell it for something.

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Go try the forums and ask their. You'll run into a lot of guys that use 22R's, maybe one will have a use for your 20R. Otherwise it's Ebay time.
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