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I just realized that I'm boro!!!

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It hit me like a ton of bricks:

- I drive an ae92
- it has over 200 000 kms on it
- I've put no more than $150 into it (that includes full stereo system)
- homemade mesh grille and mesh behind bumper (held on by zip ties:thumbup: )
- was going to fix exhaust leak with pop can and hose clamps but muffler ended up falling off

What else do I need to do to truly become boro? More ductape? Cause I can do that.:D :D

This useless post is brought to you by Tim "I should be cutting the grass right now but I decided to surf TN instead" Rempel.
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You wish you were Boro Timberland....
If you DO Boro, does that make you Boro?
Or do you yourself have to BE THE BORO?!

Either way this is the most O/T thread in the Rolla forum in a while...
Ima lock it...
Feel free to start a thread in OT to further discuss your Borosity
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