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'96 Geo Prizm
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Hi. My name is David. I'm 24 and I own a '96 Geo Prizm 5-speed. I know it isn't technically a Toyota but it's the EXACT same car as the Corolla (I'm sure someone will let me know what, if anything, is different between the two.)

I bought it because my '85 Supra's automatic transmission is about gone and the engine is smoking out of the exhaust now. I was going to do the 5-speed swap but I just don't have the time between school and work. Now it sits in my yard waiting for someone who can take care of it or until I get a shop to do the work in.

I also own a '93 Geo Storm GSi 5-speed. It, too, is dead but that's because I spun the #1 rod bearing. I have a '91 Isuzu Impulse RS engine in it. I am hoping to get that turboed eventually. How many people can say they own a turboed Geo, ya?
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