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I must apologize....

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Im VERY sorry to folks that I came off arrogant. I didnt mean to. Backstory... I had MANY Panther platform cars. These folks worked on them constantly and it seems are HUGE car mechanics. They knew EVERY INCH, every bolt, every swap, every upgrade from other Ford cars, every modification and could provide any explosion diagram for any and all areas of the vehicle... in DETAIL.
I was used to that atmosphere. I know that owning a Crown Victoria(and the police version) is a different demographic than a Toyota Avalon. I made a snarky comment about the lack of tech knowledge regarding owners on our Avalons and I apologise. No one asked me to make this thread. After a few beers and looking at my posts I realized How arrogant I sounded. As a Avalon owner we just want to drive the damn thing. Also not much goes wrong with them. Anyhow I apologise if I offended anyone.

(I owned 3 Crown Vics, 5 Grand Marquis and 4 Lincoln Town Cars)
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Gracious of you - thanks. Those of us who are late discoverers, that is, Gen1 & Gen2 owners gradually get to know the details.

We have to or parts dying of old age will eat our wallets alive. It's always a tightrope - pony up for oem or save cash on aftermarket... Risk pulled muscles and a half botched job or hand a pile of money to a good shop... Fix something or live without...

Across every model except the serious 4wd or truck folks you'll see threads from people who do inexplicable things, like try to fix electrical stuff w/o a wiring diagram.

Some of us gently lead them along and others tell it like it is. I do the latter only when someone has been here a year or more.
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