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This is a Toyota used parts supplier and junk/bone/wrecking/salvage/recycling/dismantling/scrap yard near you:

Toyota Salvage
3224 S 40th St
Phoenix, Arizona 85040
Ph: 1-877-807-4314
Ph: (602) 437-1222

Sidney® ™
Repairs TV's,VCR's,home/car audio out of my apartment
Dartmouth,Nova Scotia

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Hello, I Have An 86 2wd 22re Carb. Can Anyone Tell Me Where I Can Find A Replacement Vacume Advance, (on The Distributor) Mine Has 2 Hose Ports.mine Has A Leak. Brad

H'mm, that generic answer misses one important point of your post.

You state you have a "22re Carb". That's two different engines, 22RE = EFI, carb = 22R. And that's two different distributors.

Since you state "Mine Has 2 Hose Ports", that indicates a 22R/carbed engine.
The vac advance is part of the distrib, so the whole thing would be easier to find (used) than just the adv parts, unless it's just a vac hose that's bad.
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