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I need a Smallport 4age ECU!

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I'm swapping a Smallport 4age AFM engine into a 1987 Mr2 5sp here in the USA. I need a Smallport ECU from a Corolla GTS ae92(1990-92 manual tranny) along with the ECU harness plugs.Does anyone have these items or know who exactly does.? Any leads would be much appreciated! I'm need this project finished! email what you got or what you know: [email protected]
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Heh, I'm in the same boat. I've been looking for a little while and may have some leads to one but will definitely let you know if I happen to stumble upon another.
Hey Guys....

I have an ECU from a '90 GTS (small port Redtop) that I'll part with....

I don't have a harness though....

Make me an offer......


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I have a 91 gt-s ecu i don't need... I can't give up the harness but I could give up the connectors that plug into the ecu.
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