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i need a transmision for my 91 mr2

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hey my transmision needs to be replaced but i cant find one at the junk yard, you all know that they aren't many mr2's and expecially at the junk yard, so my question is: can i put a celica transmision? if so what about shifth cables ect? (and by the way, dont ask, it really needs to be replaced)
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shifth cables

i was reserching about my question and i found out wath i expected the shifth cables wont fit, but can i use the ones that i already have?the transmision will fit, rigth?
the shift cables mount to the other side of the celica tranny. you can't use it without sever modification. turbo or n/a?

its a turbo

its a 3sgte. and thanks, that means i will rebuilt the transmision, but i need some info, like: my mr2 its a 91, i understand the gears were changed on the 93 an up, but i dont know wich ones got longer or shorter, another thing, i had a 92 celica and the gears look the same than my new mr2, well, i shifth a little longer because of the longer rpm's than the 5sfe,
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