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i need help choosing an exhaust

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i currently have a 2.25 catback on the 5sfe and was wondering if i should get a 2.5 instead. which one would be better. i am planning to put 75 shot of spray later.
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why would it kill power i'm guessing that the 5s is to weak to push the gas out? if i get headers how big are they and will the 97 obx headers fit my 94?
the 97s i believe will fit woith some modification. id honestly just stick with 2.25 unless ya want to spend teh extra money. the 2.5 would come in handy if you were spraying and at higher RPMs but the bigger the piping the less back pressure ur gonna have so ull loose some low end power, but gain it up top.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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