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My 1992 mr2 3s-gte has a fuel problem i cant diagnose. I will drive for 25-30 min. Going all out, then my car starts to jerk and lose power when i give it full throttle. If i lightly hit the throttle itll accelerate slowly with no problems. If the car sits for 30min-1hr it will basically reset itself and be fine until another 25-30 min. I added motor medic when i just bought the car cause it was sitting for two years, and then got a new fuel filter, (the old one needed to be replaced. Looked like choclate milk mix.) cleaned and blowed out the fuel lines, and recently replaced the fuel pressure regulator. I dont know if this problem has happened to anyone else. Please help. I will try to upload a video tomorrow of what happens when it starts to go out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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