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i need some help, please

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hey guys im new to this forum but i have a question or two...
i recently(a month or so ago) bought a 1987 toyota pickup, 4x4 and i replaced the alternator, center link and tie rods yesterday... and i cranked it up and proceeded to drive forward, after i creeped about 3 inches i heard a pop... i wasn't sure what it was but i then drove it down the street and heard a few more pops so i pulled into a gas station and there was no forward movement and the axle had started to come out of the drive shaft me and a buddy jacked it up and pulled out the axle which wasn't damaged but the bearing right after the brake was messed up pretty bad... anyone have any ideas why the axle would come out like that?
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Sounds like the previous owner replaced or repacked the bearings and didn't tighten everything up correctly afterwards. Get a reputable shop to replace 'em. Should be good to go.
Umm, the axle and the drive shaft are two different things, and since you said 4WD, is it front or rear?

And which bearing, inner or outter?
sorry i didnt mena drive shaft i was in a hurry the other day, i meant differential.. :/ and the bearing on the end of the differential in the middle of the rear brake assembly(passenger rear.. i believe thats the drive wheel)
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