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I think I blew engine help please

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Hey I have a 95 celica gt I was racing :( when we stopped my engine was making a canstant tapping noise. I realized my car has a slow oil leak and I did not replenish it for a while so I checked my oil and sure enough I was running my car without oil it was bone dry. I took it to the the shop they said it was the crank and bearing he said I should get a new engine... Any suggestions? Is it possible there's another problem? Thanx any feedback is appreciated.
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Welll try running it with some synthetic oil for a bit, and see if the knocking goes away. If you can get away with it, it will save you the money on a new engine.

Good luck
if u killed the baring you might be able to replace those without droping in a whole new mottor.
Not if he scored the crank, not to mention whatever else damage happened while running high rpms with no oil.

Sorry man, but not checking your oil :hammer:
it's blown. there's already peices circulating ur engine or something is making contact with the block. that's why u heard the tapping. it's fucked! :p

i have gotten a lot of different opinions from alot of people. I mixed in this thing for my oil my friend said if it was just the lifter it would go away but its still is there. Do I have to open up the head to find out exactly what the problem is and if it's the crank is it better just to get a new engine?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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