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'00 toyota camry
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the Gen5.5 SE camrys have steering wheel radio controls. the swheels might be compatable.

TNers have put '00 celica s.wheels on their Gen3
i think tony has one
so IF an '00 celica s.wheel is compatable with a '94 camry
shouldn't an '05 camry s.wheel be compatable with the Gen3 as well?

Anyone know of any compatible steering wheel for the Gen3 that will control radio and or ipod with a little tweeking? I just got a look at the Prius steering wheel and it has everything but a coffee maker.

TN Pussy Man
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^ yes, it should.....people have looked at gen5 se 3 spoke steeringwheels as well, but they're even harder to find than celi wheels....also, apparently the new rav4 wheels should fit too...

but it's not going to help to get wheel controls if your headunit doesn't support it

I'm not a big fan of that stuff....because then you'll never change out your steering wheel, and it'll also prevent you from changing out your sound system for an aftermarket one
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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