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i want to lower my gen 5

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ahhhh my old thread...:p

yeah i have a gen 5 camry sportivo 4cyl. i'm planning to get the springs and shocks. i've checked out eibach. seen their pro kit, pro damper and sport systems. the pro kit only drops the front 1.4 and the rear 1.1. why is the rear dropped less than the front?

i want around a 2" (5cm) drop.

the eibach sport system is a spring and damper set but i don't know how much it lowers the car.

so where could i find the kit i'm looking for? i'm after improved handling...

i'll have around AU$700 (~US$550) to spend on the springs and shocks excluding installation.

thanks dudes...
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if you don't want it too low get the eibach (aka TRD) springs and whatever shocks you want because they don't lower it more than 1.2 - 1.5" all around. first choice in shocks for me would be bilstein (also aka TRD) with the second choice being tokico (no reason, just .. they work). what size are your rims?
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