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Ok here we go for anyone who likes beautiful Colorado or lives here.

Upcoming events in Colorado

Memorial Day (May 25, 2009) Bandimere Speedway High School Drags Event. We will have IASCA judges on hand at this event with Vehicles for auditioning as well as meters and ears for "tune up" clinics Free of charge to all High School Students.

Street Tuner Mayhem (June 7, 2009) Again Tune Up clinics with Judges and vehicle on hand for Demo.

June 21st (tenative) Elite Audio Solution Colo. Springs, Colorado This will be an SQi and SQc event (possilbe Bass Boxing)

June 27&28, 2009 "Traffic Jams" Southwest Plaza Littleton Colorado Saturday will be SQi, SQc and IDBL, Sunday will be IDBL and Bass Boxing.

Tenative: High Line Car Audio July 11, 2009 SQI and SQc and Axxis Audio Durago, Colorado August 15, 2009 SQi, SQc, IDBL and Bass Boxing.

September 7, 2009 High School drags Bandimere Speedway this will be a special event for High School Student only. We will have SQc (possibly SQi) as well as a special IDBL event for bragging rights. MORE INFO to come one this.

September 20,2009 World Tuner Challenge This will be our season finally (possibly double pt event.)

I will update this post as we get more info or more events.
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