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IAT sensor bypass....

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I kno that most people may say that its a waste of time and money but i wanna find out for myself cause i mean its only like 99c at the store so i just wanna try it. i wanna find out what is the exact resistor that should go into the iat sensor and how do i do it. i got a '90' camry 4cly auto.please reply soon...
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Install the resistor between pin 5 and pin 7 of the AFM wiring harness.

ECU wiring diagrams:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Look at page 3 where it says air flow meter. Pin 5 and pin 7 are for the IAT. Plug H.

Then look at page 4, plug H.
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ok thanks soo much but also what type of resistor is it that i should buy? and also after installing it am i supposted to put the plug back into place?
The value of resistor all depends on how "cold" you want the ECU to think ur running. At the desired temprature, measure the resitance between the IAT terminals on the AFM. Then whatever that resitance is, get one of nearest value. Then put it between the IAT terminals of the connector as 88LE showed. And your done...your ECU will always think that your at whatever temprature u chose.
ok and do i have to put 92 or better octane? and so when i get the resistor and i put it in and then do i leave it unplugged or not?
koloteamr said:
ok and do i have to put 92 or better octane?

when i get the resistor and i put it in and then do i leave it unplugged or not?
The plug must be plugged in. The engine will not run with the AFM unplugged.

What your going to have to do is strip back the covering on the AFM wiring harness. Figure out which wires goto pin 5 and pin 7. Install a resistor between those 2 wires.
what's he trying to do to his car ? i don't get it
He's trying to "chip" his car so that it gains 50hp magically.
Im not sure about Gen 2 camrys, but I know my Gen 4 goes into Open Loop (running on fuel maps) once my driving gets aggressive, so I dont see how modding an IAT sensor would help. It's only during Closed Loop (idling & light load driving) that the IAT, MAP and O2 sensor start controlling the A/F ratio, which is very close to the near perfect 14.7 stoichiometric ratio. So you want to make this ratio richer during Closed Loop? What for? You'll only be wasting gas while idling and making the cc carbon up faster.
IAT sensor bypass...

i kno ur right the test was a fluke. i was just tryin to see what the whole fuss was about with this resistor thing.its a waste of time and gas. its basicalyl setup for one mode which i can only imagine how it would run in the cold morning with it...
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