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IAT sensor location????

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I Just got this resistor from "Tuned Engineering" off ebay. This suposadly tricks the PCM into thinking its 20 degrees colder outside to lean up the fuel/air radio into motor. The directions just put the resistor in between Iat sensor which I have found is intergrated into the MASS air flow sensor. Ther are 5 prongs on the Mass sensor connection... Anyone know which to are the IAT sensor prongs or how to connect this thing???
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You got scammed. :thumbdown

Anywayt, I'm not sure which wire is which. E-mail this guy. He knows stuff like that.
You got scammed... all you're gonna do if you connect the thing is damage your engine by running it TOO lean and burning up your pistons. You want a real tune? Go get a URD MAF Calibrator and hook it up. Even the stock tune thats included with the MAF Calibrator will get you better results then that crappy resistor.
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