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ice has finially reeked havoc on the truck

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so i was driving my nearly mint condition 94 22re 2wd back home for lunch today and as i was turning into the driveway my back end slipped out on a sheet of ice sending me broadside into a tree about 3 feet in diameter leaving an equally wide dent in the rear passenger side of my bed along with a couple large chips in the paint and a cracked tail light.

dammit, i knew i should have drivin the rusty old 4x4 today.

i'll get some pics tommorow when it isnt dark out.

i hate ice.
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that sucks Glenn!!
i hope its not too bad! are you gonna be able to fix it yourself or what??


I can get you the information on a bed in Kansas City for 400. It's white, with linex but in good condition I guess. Not sure if he still has it, but I can find the add possibly. He also has two doors.

Sucks man!
i dont really have any expierience with body work, but i might try to pop it back out whenever i get a chance. for now its too cold though.

thanks carbon, id rather find one that was black though so i wouldnt have to paint it, and i also dont have $400. have a black bed in good condition that they are willing to give away? ill trade you?
Sorry to hear about the truck man. Ice can be a bitch sometimes.
Ouch! It looks like we have the same truck. My '94 is 'garnet pearl' (maroon) and it's in pristine condition. In fact, it's in the heated garage right now getting thawed out from the recent snow. After the snow melts and I put a layer of wax on her, it'll go back to it's winter spot in the driveway. I drive a Nissan Xterra 4x4 in the winter and I'm able to let the Toy sit during inclement weather.

Our trucks are so old, most places don't carry aftermarket body parts as part of their inventory. It's gotta be special ordered. :sosad:

I feel your pain.
yeah, ive been looking around for another bed localy, but they are all rusted out and smashed up, i think tommorow im going to take it to the body shop for an estimate.

usually i drive my 91 4x4 when it gets bad out, but she was out of gas and the roads seemed clear enough so i took out the 2wd drive instead, i guess it was a bad idea.
Post a pic up so we can see the damage. You should probably be able to fix it if it's not on a certain spot on the bed.
Well glenn...

I'll post the information anyways. I think he wants 400 for bed and doors, so he may go cheaper if you just take the bed. He said make him an offer he can't refuse when I talked to him. He's had the add in for maybe a week now, so I'm sure he'd almost take 150-200 bucks by now. The bed and doors are off a 1991 truck, though.

is the 91 bed the same as a 94? also is there any rust or dents in it? if i cant find one that isnt already in good condition im just going to try and fix mine since there is absolutly no rust on it.
89-95 body styles are the same, so I really can't see any variation between them. Basically the difference between 89-93 years, and the 94 is that yours has a 3rd brake light on top.

He said no rust on the phone, can't remember about dents.
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