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Icon Full Set Coilover at Dealership PRICE!!

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hey Everyone

i recently saw a ad on craigslist here in town about Icon coilovers and the dealership had posted it. So i called and asked about it they want 2240 installed and aligned. is that a good price?? for Front and Rear Icon's the guy also siad i could get 3.5" of lift but i heard people on here say 2.5 is the maximum you can go before u need new UCA's what do you guys think is that a good deal???

Also on the local craigslist they have a set of 31"x10.5 Tires on 15" wheeler rims for sale. 800 for everything and he says the tires havent been used at all. Is that a good deal???
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well, fronts are ~1000, rears are ~400, alignments usually run ~60, install will run you decide if its worth it to me its about 750 too high (as i would do my own install)

they are only good to ~2.5 for 4x4, ~3 for prerunners (b/c of CVs). 3.5" and you will have no downtravel and your truck will ride like crap...

tire and rims....totally depends on what brand they both can get steel wheels and crappy tires for 400, or they could be 200/each tires w/ 200/ rims, in which it would be a good deal....
15 inch rims won't fit on your truck, some 16's fit but most don't. if you want a true 3" lift up front using coilovers you HAVE to get aftermarket UCAs? if you want a true 3" lift up front using coilovers you HAVE to get aftermarket UCAs?
Only if you want it aligned properly.
Only if you want it aligned properly.
i 2nd that....
So am i able to get 3" of lift with the UCA's i have a 4x4 the setup i want is basically 3" or be able to fit 33" tires with 18" or 16' rims thats all i want and the tires must be mud's BFG Muds to be exact lol
Yes with new UCA's you can do 3".
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