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Identify a small part for me please...

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. I have a part on my '89 carbuerated 22r that I don't know what it is. ..what is that little plastic part that is Mounted on the front right side of the valve cover next to the distributor on a bracket? It has wires comeing from the Ignitor coil, and has wires going to the round Vacuum part on the distributor.
Does this part ever go bad? How do you replace it? Should it be repced as a matter of routine maintenaince?
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I just learned all of this today!

I know what you are talking about. I actually was just into my ignition system today doing a full tune up. Fixed my missing at idle.

The plastic piece mounted to the head is just a connector for the wires between the coil pack and the bottom of the distributor. Someone else could probably use better terms than I could. But those wires send a signal to the coil pack that tells it that the distributor is ready for the next spark.

In other words as the distributor turns it not only divides the spark between the four cylinders but also acts as a switch turning the spark charge from the coil on and off as it rotates.

In older cars that switch was replaceable; I think it was called the points and condensers. Now days it's an electronic unit. So we dont have to worry about it for the life of the vehicle.
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