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On my 1995 Camry (4cyl) the idle air control valce appears to be going -- the car is starting to refuse to idle when cold.

I've already replaced the idle air control valve THREE times!

How common is this? Is there a Toyota Service bulletin item about this?

Should I simply attempt to clean it as instructed is other posts? Does anyone know of a mechanic in the CA Bay Area that knows how to do this? Thanks!

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Have you checked the ECT (engine coolant temp) sensor?

You can check the resistance on it:

10 - 20K ohm (-20C, -4F)
4-7K ohm (0C, 32F)
2-3K ohm (20C, 68F)
0.9 - 1.3K ohm (40C, 104F)
0.4 - 0.7K ohm (60C, 140F)
0.2 - 0.4K ohm (80C, 176F)

Resistance readings are taken across pins 1 and 2 on the sensor.

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