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Hello. I've been going through the archives of this forum for information on "idle air control valve". I looked up cleaning the IAC Valve and got a great post from

88 LE:

Now if you want to try to clean it yourself you can do this. You will need to purchase some carb cleaner from a parts store or some place like WalMart or Kmart. Then you have to have someone help you start the engine and kind of keep it running if needed. The process requires that you take the large black tube off the throttle body and unplug the Idle Air Control Motor. Caution, if you have no idea of what I just described do not proceed without having someone there to assist you. You then take the carb spray and spray a little into the small square hole you will find in the throttle body opening. Have your helper start the engine while you hold the connector for the IAC to the valve so that it makes contact. When the engine is running spray into the square hole and at the same time make and break the contact with the IAC connector so that the cleaner gets into the working parts of the IAC. You know when its clean when you hear a louder rushing noise from the throttle body when the connector is making the IAC work or open. Then all you have to do is clean the area and inside of the throttle body with a tooth brush (old one is preferred) and connect everything. Your check engine light will be on so when you shut the engine off open the fuse panel under the hood and remove the EFI fuse for about 30 sec. and it should clear. If it does not then turn the key to the on position and try it that way.

Can I get any feedback on whether this is a good option.

Then I went to the dealership today to see what the estimate would be on cleaning the IAC Valve for a 98 4cyl Toyota Camry. Below is the cost.

Cleaning of IAC Valve- $241
3 Stage cleaning- $219.88

Estimate from "POWER TOYOTA"- Cerritos
Jerod Proix- Assistant Service Manager
Call him anytime at (562)402-2783

Question- Does anyone know what the "3 stage cleaning" is? They said it was "essential".
Does anyone think this is worth it?

I went to an auto repair shop to ask a few questions and to get an estimate.

I first played dumb to see what he would say. I told him i had some trouble with the Idle Air Control Valve, and he said he could replace it. I asked him if he would do anything else to it and he hesitated.

Now a couple of questions popped in my mind.
1.) Did he hesistate because he didn't know what he was talking about?
2.) Did he hesistate because there was actually nothing else to do and the toyota dealer was trying to rip me off with a "3 stage" cleaning.

I asked a follow up question, which was "was there any cleaning that you would do?" He replied "oh yes i would..."

1.) Clean the fuel injector
2.) Clean the PVC

Estimate for total package (replacing the IAC Valve (ONLY LABOR, I BUY PART), clean fuel injector and PVC.


Are these things necessary?
What is PVC cleaning? Is he talking abot PVC pipe?
Is this a good price estimate?

Lastly, I went to a Mobil technician. He said he was a certified mechanic, I was somewhat skeptical.

I told him I would buy the IAC Valve and a head cover gasket (some oil is spilling out from the side) and he would replace both parts for 65 dollars. But he said nothing about ANY cleaning or resetting.

Would this be the worst or best solution for someone not trying to get screwed by the MAN!
any alternatives?

Thanks for the feedback!

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Its PCV , positive crankcase ventilation.An easy way is to locate it. It is on top of your valve cover in (the center roughly), it has a tiny black hose running from it into the intake plenum.remove the end from the valve cover you will see it it has a small hole in the bottom.Start the car and put your finger on that little hole @ the bottom while the top portion remains connected to the plenum.It should have a vacuum effect and will suck yuor finger to it like a magnet.If thats the case your pcv if fine ,If it is weak or non existant replace for 10 bux from autozone save yourself a repair bill.The repair shop isnt going to cut you any brake especially if you are bringing a part to him(iac).They make money on parts, a good amount.The IAC can be tricky but you can clean it yourself .Try those directions he gave you.
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