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2000 Corolla
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Thanks for the tips...

I'm going to check out the water temp, but I'm more concerned with how it decided to start idling so fast in a ten minute span of time.

I mean it was normal :D when I left for work yesterday, and when I got to work and parked, it was idling way above normal and has been that way ever since:eek:.

Until then there was a very smooth idle (I have a new carb, rebuilt head, and new vacuum lines as of 3yrs ago)and there was no significant change in idle speed when it was in Park or Drive. Now it almost races in Park and drops considerably when it's shifted to drive/reverse, but it's still higher than normal.

Tonight I did a compression check on all 4 cyl, just to make sure the worst hadn't happened. I've quadruple checked all the vacuum lines and the carb linkage. Throtle cable is fine.

I think I'm going to get a diagnostic check for a bad sensor or something ?????
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