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Idle Valve Air Intake ?

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Hi everyone.

My RAV is a 95 model with a 3SFE engine. The throttle body is the 4 bolt model with single vacuum from the fuel fume canister. It's the one with the EGR mounted somewhere below and behind the engine. It is NOT the one with the EGR mounted on the manifold.

My question is where dose the Idle Control Valve get it's air from?

The book does not say. However the book shows a diagram with the supply hose going into the air intake filter cover. The only thing going into my filter cover is the air temp sensor.

The idle valve hose goes straight down and under the engine. Despite my best efforts, I cannot find where it actually goes to. It must be filtered at the other end and I want to check - clean -replace that filter.

Thanks for your help :)
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4th pic is of the back of the motor VSV valve,click on pic to enlarge

Why do you want to clean it,what is it doing.
The VSV is tricky to get to!!!
Thanks :)

It must be tricky cos I can't even see it !!!

When I bought my RAV a few months ago, the idle valve was ceased up solid. I managed to free it up and it worked OK for a while. But every 2 to 3 weeks it would jam again. Last time was 2 weeks ago. It jammed and the engine was sitting on 2000rpm! It took 2 days to free it up and get the engine to start.

I hunted round the wreckers and finally found a replacement throttle body complete for $125...not bad since Toyota want $860 just for the idle valve!

Anyway, during my very many throttle body off - throttle body on - body off - body on... for two days, I noticed a slight thin film of oil build up inside the intake manifold. It then dawned on me that I have not checked the air intake of the idle valve...cos I still have that oil loss prob!

I had put the oil loss down to ring end gaps being to close together. But with this latest failure of the idle valve and oil appearing inside the manifold for the first thoughts are that maybe the other end of the idle intake hose needs attention. It may not be a problem, but since I have put on a replacement throttle body, I feel I should do a complete check of the whole system...Something made the other idle valve fail and I would just like to find that something.

BTW. After putting on the replacement throttle body, I went to Toyota and parted with some warm friendly cash (only $40) and had the computer downloaded...The only error shown was the idle valve...That is good news!!

Thanks again for your help...I now at least know what to look for at the other end :)
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