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i have an 86 4wd with a 22re that i cannot get the idle set on it. i have done as the manual said and i have the set screw all the way in but does no good. whats up?? the idle is too low and it dies especialy when it is cold. could this be distridutor problem? i noticed that it has a vacumm advance on it but is not hooked up could this be part of the trouble?
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There should be a tube near the set screw. It has a plastic bottle thingy on the end. Has a filter inside. Spongy material. Pull it out of the bottle and clean it. I use Dawn. Rinse it well and squeeze out the excess moisture. Replace.

It could be clogged.
Wow, bottle thingys aside, you need a vac hose hooked to a vac advance port, but it would be the open vac line that might cause the idle problem. The vac is only used by the distrib off-idle.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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