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idles funny

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i started having this problem recently... today when i started up the car with my foot still on clutch, the idle was at 2000rpm. after releasing the clutch all the way, it drop a bit to 1500rpm. strange and when i drive, the engine sounds like its working hard even at rest. somtime when i come to a complete stop, the rpm is at 1500 and the engine sounds like its at work...:confused: dude im confused and dont know what to do. this only happens sometimes and not all the time which is sorta werid. has anyone had this problem or has experinece anything like it or simply any suggestion and insight.... thanks
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what year? turbo? non-turbo? did it just start doing this?
it is a 91 n/a with about 170k completely stock with stock engine. it just started no more than a month ago. i mean i can drive it and all and it pulls but then the thing is that sometimes when i just completely stock at an intersection the rpm is still at 1500 compared to 900-1000 and like when i start up the car it was at 2000 and then when i release the clutch it was at about 1500-1250. i dont know whats up :confused: drives fine and no problem with it. it just does that sometimes.... any suggestions?
my 91 had a similar problem, check that the throttle cable isn't caught on anything. The cylinder thing that attatches it to the throttle body was out of place in mine, and the throttle body was stuck open a little bit. Adding a little more tension to the cable should fix it if you have the same problem I had. My idle usually drops a little bit when I let the clutch out as well, don't know why though.
hey thanks boricua52385 my brother said something about that..... think imma give it a try and hope that ill work.... man hella tiring today changing the oil washing and hand waxing the car for an hour or so... no fun but great results
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