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My original 22RE blew up and was not rebuildable. I simply had it
replaced with another 22RE. no matter how much adjusting I do, I
cannot get the motor to idle for more than 2 min. I used all the
original sensors, hoses, etc from the old motor which were working
fine. Could this be the timing? Please Help me. My other vehicle needs
to go into the shop this week (hit a deer) and I
will be without a ride unless I can get this fixed. Thank you

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turn up the idle, the engine has to idle at higher rpms, like 1800 rpm
when u first start it, then it will turn down. and damn dude, ur a
fucking mechanic if u did that urself.

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if you have already tried that, sorry, sometimes people make mistakes
and dont remeber the cold start injector, it does happen. ummm if the
engine runs and doesnt backfire, the timing is probly fine......
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