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If I make these, will you buy?

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Hey guys, asked earlier, and now I'm going to do this.

Like many of you guys I have the 5sfe Gen 3, and the front rotors and calipers look kinda wimpy (and they actually are!), so I'm getting some Supra TT rotors and V6 camry calipers and making an adapter kit to get them to fit on my car.

The adapter kit will be all cnc'd and after discusing it with my fellow enginers decide what the best material will be for the application.

I guess camryman has these alrady, but they are for using with a V6 camry to upgrade to Supra Rotors, mine are for 4 cylinder camrys to upgrade to Supra TT rotors.

I'm making my set, will probly be done in about a month or so, but if anyone is interested lets get a list going, price will be $100-$150 shipped.

Let me know if interested.
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Those calipers look a lot like RX 300 calipers. May be easier to find than supra rotors.
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