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If I were to get a Supra...

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ok, so I've been driving a Nisan Xterra for 3 months now, and my parents said that I can get new car in another 3 months if I don't get in any accidents

I looked at all models of cars and the Supra looks the best to me

but that's just the thing, the only thing I know about Supras, or any car for that matter, is that it looks nice and is fast...what would I say to people that are like "yo is that an SR20dt in there!?"

so if I were to get a Supra, what would the feelings of all the Supra enthusiaists be?

I get the feeling they wouldn't appreciate a nub like me driving a supra...
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Uh...who cares what other people think. Buy it for yourself and what u want. And just think: every1 on this forum and other forums were all "Noobs" at one point.

How can u judge a game before ur in it?

Don't bring Nissan's into this...if the people ur around suspect an sr20 pos 4banger to be in a supra, you need to :hammer: their asses. find some new friends and try being less self conscience, bet true to urself not to others.
no, none of my friends think sr20s are in supras, i just used that as an example of language that car enthusiasts would use ;), tried to think of something complicated
get some smarter friends before you get the supra ;)
Whats your budget?

Whos paying for the insurance?

If your going to purchase a car you should know a couple of things about..

Do you want turbo or Naturally aspirated engine?

---One thing I find amuzing is that your parents say you can get a new car if you don't crash the current one in 2 or 3 months, do you have a lead foot?

Once you got all this basic stuff sorted, go out and shop :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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