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If you have taken your gauges out...

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What does the other side look like? You know, the part of the gauges that you don't see. Is it pretty much the same with white numbers except everything looks backwards?

I was thinking of painting the gauges from behind. I like the look of the reverse glow gauges from at night. I'd rather have them black during the day.

Do you think that painting them from behind would show up in the front? Thanks for the info.

I have a 97 by the way.
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This might help.

Gah, I wish a Gen1 gauge was that easy, there's like a cable/wire hooked up that I can't seem to take out. Seemed to be connected to the speedo.
I've seen that. Thank you for posting it anyway. :)

I think I'm just going to take them apart and paint the x1000 rpm on the tach and see how it comes out. Wish me luck!
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