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Igniter/Ignition Module

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Ok, I've got three questions that I'm sure can be answered easily by all the Camry brainiacs here :)

1) Is the ignition module and the igniter the same thing with just different names?

2) I have an '87 Camry that gives me the diagnosis code that the igniter is bad. So, what year models can I interchange the igniter with? For example, could I take the igniter out of a '90 Camry and use it in my '87?

3) I know the igniter can cause there to be no spark, which is my current situation, but can whatever is causing the plugs not to fire also send some kind of signal into the system to prevent the EFI system from supplying fuel?

Thanks everyone,
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Here are some answers for you:

1) Yes, they should be the same thing. The Toyota ECUs from those years do not actually drive the coil, they just send a signal to the igniter that then drives the coil.

2) You can cross-reference part numbers at your local toyota dealer or autoparts store to see what igniters are interchangeable.

3) The spark and fuel systems are almost totally unrelated. But... the ECU recieves a feedback signal from the igniter module to verify that the motor is getting spark - if the ECU does not recieve the signal back, it cuts fuel to the motor and shuts it off. I would check your coil resistances and other parts of your ignition system before blaming the igniter. If the igniter turns out to be the problem, pick one up from a local junkyard since a new one will run you over $100.

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