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Ignition Key Cylinder

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My 2004 Sequoia needs a new ignition lock cylinder - everybody I've called tells me I have to go to a Toyota dealer for that. Can anybody tell me why? I hate do get double charged for parts and labor at a dealer.
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I was curious if I purchased the whole ignition assembly that includes the ring around the key and the keys also- If that would allow the car to start or it has to also get re programmed for the computer inside the car?
Good question. I know if the keys are 'chipped' then they have to be programmed to the cpu but not sure about the key cylinder. I'd suggest asking a local expert locksmith. Perhaps If you had the new cylinder keyed to your old chipped keys then you could make that work without programming? Again, ask a locksmith - they'll give you an instant accurate answer. I had a set programmed last month, cost was only $50 + my parts.

Luck and enjoy those Toyotas. : ^ )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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